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Corporate structure of the plant includes forge-and-press shop consisting of separate sections and providing entire technological cycle for manufacture of various forged products, namely:


Blanks are heated in gas chamber furnaces and in bogie hearth furnaces. Heat treated steel grades within range from low alloy steels to high alloy stainless steels.

PUNCHING SECTION has effective cutting equipment (ribbon saw, billet-and-bar shears etc) which completely providing production of stampings and forgings of steel.

OPEN DIE FORGING SECTION closed¬die forgings from rolled metal. The division includes:
- steam-driven double-action forging hammers with weight of dropping parts 2 tons, 5 tons and 16 tons. Wide range of hammer impact powers makes possible to produce forgings of various configurations and degree of complexity - from simple shapes of flange type to complicated body parts with weight from 3 to 280 kilograms.

DIVISION OF FREE FORGING includes the following equipment:
- mechanized complex on the basis of hydraulic forging press P154 with force 1250 tf for forging forgings from ingots and as-cast billets of large sections with their maximum initial weight to 5 tons. Depending on shape, dimensions and forging grade, weight of forgings is within 250 to 3500 kg.

These are the following forgings:
a) cubes with weight to 1500 kg.,
b) cylinders without holes - to 3500 kg.,
c) rolled rings with maximum outside diameter to 1450 mm,
d) blind discs and discs with holes having maximum outside diameter to 1200 mm,
e) forgings in spacers (bushings with steps without holes - upon agreement)
f) linear forgings of round, square or rectangular sections with area to 350 cm2 and length to 3 m. (limited with length of heat treatment furnace hearth),

Samples of open die forgings produced on hydraulic forging press. Steam-driven forging hammer of arch type with weight of dropping parts 2000 kg, for production of forgings with weight to 100 kg.

These are the following forgings:
a) blind plates and plates with holes having side to 350 mm,
b) forgings in spacer rings (dies) like bushings with steps without holes,
c) rolled rings with outside diameter to 500 mm,
d) smooth and stepped shafts with length to 700 mm,
e) discs, blind and with holes having outside diameter to 400 mm,
f) bands (squares) with section to 160 cm2.

Hammers with weight of dropping parts 400 and 1 000 kg for small forgings of various shapes wi th weight to 10 kg, toolholder forgings. Improvement of re-forged metal structure and removal of residual stresses is carried out at heat-treatment division in gas bogie hearth furnace having load to 10 tons. The furnace is intended for primary heat-treatment of forgings - normalization, annealing, tempering, heating for austenitization. Besides, there is HEAT TREATMENT SECTION at the plant for conduction of secondary heat treatment and surface impregnation to reach required mechanical properties of metals and for strengthening coatings application.

The SECTION has the following electric blast furnaces:
- for hardening of parts from up to 1,0000C (1,8320F)
- for tempering at 7000C (1,2920F) furnaces have oxidizing atmosphere and working chamber dimensions 01000 x 1000 mm
- for parts nitrocarburizing under temperature up to 1,000 0C (1,8320F) working chamber dimensions - 0650 x 650 MM
- for parts nitriding under temperature up to 6000C (1,1120F) working chamber dimensions - 0500 x 750 mm

We offer you our manufactured forgings from blooms or rolled metal as well as die forgings. When our information is interesting for you, please send your inquiries/orders to our e-mail: office@kaz.com.ua or contact at tel/fax: +38 05447 2-32-01 or tel. 2-81-70.