Used for sealing oil or gas wellheads, control of operation mode during drilling and operation.

Installed on pipelines, units, vessels, and is designed for control of flow of working medium through change of bore.

The plant includes Forge & Press Shop with production capacity 30 tons of forgings and die forgings a day.

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Konotop Valves Plant was founded in 1973. The enterprise manufactures high pressure steel pipeline valves with bores 3 to 125 mm for working pressures to 70 MPa as well as wellhead and Christmas tree equipment for working pressures 14 to 105 MPa. It also produces hammer forged blanks with mass up to 2000 kg as well as die forged blanks with mass up to 250 kg.

Steel pipeline valves produced by the Company are employed in processing lines and equipment for polymers and mineral fertilizers production, installations for processing gas, oil and petrochemicals as well as in chemical and other branches of industry.

Wellhead and Christmas Tree equipment which is used for drilling wells as well as for oil and gas production includes: Casing and Tubing Heads, Casing Head Spools, Tubing Head Spools, Slip Hangers and Mandrel Hangers, Tees and Crosses, Tubing Head Adapters, Top Connectors, Adapter and Spacer Spools, Valves, Chokes, Threaded Connections and Other End Connections, Ring Joint Gaskets.

The processes of hammer forging and die-forging of body parts blanks assure products operation at working pressures up to 15,000 psi. Various materials used for manufacture of parts for pipeline valves contacting with working medium resist corrosive fluids at temperatures from -60oC to +450oC.

Management of JSC Konotop Valves Plant gives particular attention to the quality of manufactured products. Quality system according to requirements of API Q1 and API 6A Specifications for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry has been established and maintained. In 2000 the Wellhead and Christmas Tree equipment was certified by American Petroleum Institute. The enterprise was granted the right to use API Monogram on manufactured wellhead and Christmas tree equipment acc to the list (License) and ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Quality System compliance of May 8, 2018 issued by DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o.

The Specialized Branch for Development Engineering being the part of the Company provides it with design and development activity, new processes implementation, equipment servicing and repair. The Company is the leading in Ukraine specialized organization on oil-and-gas production equipment design. It has the license to design and manufacture this type of equipment.

Our test laboratory is qualified and certified according to the Systems of Accreditation UkrCEPRO (Ukraine), Certification Centre "NASTHOL" of Gosstandard (Russia). Products of our Company are constantly enhanced. We shall be enjoyed to present you any further information as well as develop and manufacture equipment in a total commitment to customer needs.